In order to live a simpler, stress-free lifestyle during one’s retirement years, moving into a retirement community is a great consideration. There are many different types of retirement residences to choose from, each providing different amenities, opportunities for socialization, transportation and even medical services. Let’s look at some tips for choosing the right retirement home.

Consider the Location

Senior living communities are scattered throughout most cities and towns. However, you may want to select a retirement home that is conveniently located near things like doctors, stores, pharmacies and your family. This will make it easier to maintain a level of independence and familiarity as the years go by.

Assessing Level of Care

There are different levels of care to choose from. Some retirement homes offer around-the-clock supervision, nursing care, etc. While you may not feel like this support is needed right now, there may be a change in the near future. Making sure the community that’s chosen provides enough care now can prevent having to move again in the next couple of years.

Consider the Community

Many retirement communities offer a variety of services, such as complimentary transportation to nearby stores, outings to places like parks, restaurants and shopping centers and in-house events like BINGO, potluck dinners and game nights. Maintaining a sense of community in one’s senior years is important for cognitive health, mood and much more.


It’s crucial to consider your budget before you start to look for somewhere to live. This will prevent you from looking into facilities that you simply can’t afford. Some residences can charge monthly rent or can include additional charges for the different amenities that are offered, so make sure you inquire about the entire cost of living. Other facilities will work with your insurance coverage to reduce the cost, so it’s a good idea to mention your provider when negotiating.

Don’t forget to plan ahead for any needs that you may have in the future. Life changes can occur suddenly and without warning. To book a visit to Sun Village retirement community in Penticton, please visit