More people are learning ways to age gracefully and have a higher quality of life during their golden years. To achieve the best life during a person’s elder years, it is important to instill habits that improve cognitive health and overall wellness. Mindful aging is becoming increasingly popular as people are learning practical ways to help enhance their lives during retirement.

Mindful aging is a practice that is driven by creativity, activities, purpose, and joy. Here are five practical ways in which one can increase cognitive health and overall wellness.

1. Deep Breathing and Meditation

One of the most beneficial practices one can perform daily is doing deep breathing techniques and taking time to meditate. Deep breathing can be performed at any time of the day. It immediately relaxes the body and mind while increasing the amount of oxygen intake. There are many techniques, however, one has to find the exercise that suits their style the most.

Meditation also comes in various forms. The important factor to consider is to find at least 15 minutes to quiet the mind and feel still solitude. It is more easily practiced upon awakening in the morning.

2. Fun and Light Exercise

Being in motion is key to a healthy body and mind. To gain the full benefit of exercise, it is best to choose a fun activity that is greatly enjoyed. Walking in nature, dancing, and swimming are great forms of exercise at any age. Exercise is also an opportunity to socialize, which enriches the mind and soul.

3. Activities to Stimulate the Brain

Engaging in activities that stimulate the cognitive brain is a key component of graceful aging. There are many games and mental challenges that keep a person mentally sharp. Crossword puzzles, arts and crafts, learning new skills, and other challenges that require mental focus are all excellent ways to keep the brain engaged.

4. Eating Healthy Foods

One of the basic foundations of graceful aging is maintaining a nutritious diet. Eating healthy for the mind and body requires balancing nutritious foods and dishes that taste delicious. Eating should be a pleasure, not a chore. Therefore, it is important to find recipes that satisfy nutritional requirements as well as the taste buds.

5. Establishing Healthy Sleep Patterns

Along with nutrition and exercise, sleep is another pillar of graceful aging. During sleep, the body recharges and the mind releases all resistance from the day. To get the most out of sleep, it is recommended to sleep at night and do activities during the day.

It is suggested to follow the same sleep schedule most days to establish a steady routine. Sleep allows the brain to reach maximum cognitive function and it also has various physiological benefits.

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