We all know exercising is important as you age, due to you becoming more prone to various health risks and medical conditions. By regularly exercising and staying fit, you can improve your overall wellbeing as a senior resident, to ensure you body stays healthy and active while prolonging your independent lifestyle at Sun Village.

Here are 6 reasons why exercise is important for seniors while living in an Okanagan retirement community:

Stronger bones and joints for seniors

As your bones and joints tend to get stiffer over time if they are not used as often, it’s important to stay active and work them out at the Okanagan retirement community. Performing flexibility and joint exercises may improve the condition of your joints and bone density, while preventing deterioration and bone loss.

Better immune function at a retirement community

When you regularly stay active and fit, you will have a healthier body that ultimately has a better chance of fighting off infections and disease before they become more serious. Better immune functionality will also prevent the severity or longevity of the seasonal flu and cold.

Improved balance at Sun Village

Studies show that most seniors over the age of 65 suffer from falls regularly. By strengthening the leg muscles and overall staying in shape, you can lower your risk of falls in the retirement community. With flexibility and good balance, you can safely climb stairs and stand up for longer periods of time without any pain or discomfort.

Enhanced cardiovascular function

Maintaining proper blood circulation throughout your body is very important as you age, as it is directly related to the functionality of your heart. By performing cardiovascular exercises up to three times a week at Sun Village, you can prevent long term problems such as hypertension, diabetes and even heart diseases.

Improved mental health and clarity in an Okanagan retirement community

Without exercising your mind may become less sharp as you may begin to see signs of memory loss. Physical activity increases the blood flow to and from your brain, which makes it work better and faster. It is also great for passing time so you are occupied and enjoying your time here at the Okanagan retirement community.

Prevention of serious medical illnesses and diseases

Through regular exercises such as balance, strength training, flexibility, and aerobic conditioning, seniors can expect to perform their daily tasks much more efficiently. You can also prevent the development of serious illnesses such as heart conditions, Alzheimer’s disease, and even cancer, so make sure you are staying active in your Okanagan retirement community.

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